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IA are dedicated to creating the best possible sonic environments

for people as they live and work.

Great or good acoustics can greatly enhance the human experience. 

Bad Acoustics can be stressful, even a danger to health.

Noise is a certain danger.

Two sides of the one coin:- 

Acoustics and Noise Control. We strive to manage both. 


Noise Control

Workplace Noise, from Factory to Stage.  Neighbour Nuisance Noise. Smoking Area Noise. MotorWay, Airport, Rail. Music or Dance Venue. We can help. That picture is of an F15 fighter jet breaking the sound barrier. Vapour in the air makes it visible. 

Acoustic Treatment

Many spaces, including newly built are utterly unsuitable for purpose. We have seen this from Performance Spaces to Restaurants.  Reflective surfaces create a harsh confusing ambience. This make it difficult to hear and to communicate. We can help. This picture is of a Live Recording Room at Ballyfermot College of Further Education. A happy Client of ours. 

Acoustic Design

This is a Retrofit Treatment Design for BCFE. But Acoustic and Noise Control techniques are best included at the Design stage. This is the ideal scenario. Including Acoustics in the Design can result in  little or even zero extra cost. Architects and Interior Designers, we can predict and avoid problems.  We can help.



Dan FitzGerald.

Since the eighties Dan has been involved in the musical side of sound. He started with mixing live concerts by artistes such as Freddie White and Mary Black. Recordings of these concerts found their way onto records. Soon ‘DanDan’ was an in-demand Recording Engineer. This continues to this day in his own Studio.   Film and TV work led to working with International stars such as Tom Waits, Emmylou Harris, and Amy Winehouse. During the 90’s Dan developed an interest in the behind the scenes aspect of Music and Recording, i.e. Acoustics. Personal study and research culminated in a Diploma Course at the Institute of Acoustics in the UK. He is now a Member of that Institute. He has also been welcomed as a Member by the Audio Engineering Society.  Dan can be found debating and contributing Acoustic advice on several Internet Acoustics Fora such as,,, and



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